LAP-BAND System Results

Thousands of patients. Millions of pounds. Real, lasting weight loss results.

There are two main ways people try to lose weight — the fast way, and the healthy way. Of course, the fast way may seem a dream come true. But like your dreams at night, this kind of weight loss doesn’t last. Using the LAP-BAND® System, thousands of people have safely and effectively achieved healthy, lasting weight loss. In fact, a clinical study (N=100) showed that LAP-BAND® System patients averaged up to a 59% reduction in excess weight after eight years.1† And, another study showed that after the first year, 94.1% of patients were satisfied with the LAP-BAND AP® System (N=272).2‡

What you can expect

The LAP-BAND® System is powerful tool that can give you control and help you lose weight. However, it’s also important to set realistic achievable weight loss goals from the start. Although weight loss of up to three pounds a week is possible, LAP-BAND® System patients generally average a healthy one-to-two pound reduction a week.3 Best of all, once patients meet their target weight, they often maintain it for years.

Slow and steady = healthy and lasting

In addition to being temporary, losing weight too quickly can create health risks and lead to other problems. With the LAP-BAND® System, the main goal is gradual, steady, and lasting weight loss that may prevent, improve, or resolve health problems associated with severe obesity.1,4,5

With LAP-BAND® you will lose less lean muscle mass and bone mass than with gastric bypass.6,7 This means that most of your weight loss after LAP-BAND® surgery is due to excess fat loss and that you will maintain more of the lean muscle mass you need to keep your metabolism working effectively which will help you to reach and maintain your weight loss goal. There is less risk of excessive bone loss leading to bone disease such as osteoporosis than with gastric bypass.6,7 Gastric bypass and sleeve gastrectomy patients often need to take supplements to offset higher levels of lean muscle mass and bone density loss.

Weight loss with the LAP-BAND® System is comparable to standard gastric bypass at 3 years and beyond1

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