The Personal Cost of Obesity

Weight loss can change your life. Losing dangerous excess weight with the LAP-BAND® System can significantly improve your health and enhance your psychological and social well-being—not to mention your overall quality of life. You may also find that dramatic weight loss can significantly reduce weight-related costs, which on average can be more than $18,000 CDN a year per person! What better investment than in yourself and your future?

Weight-Related Expenses Estimated Annual Costs Medical/drug costs (BMI>35) 1 $7158 Employment inactivity costs 2 $1080 Commercial weight-loss program fees 3 $720 Prescription co-pays (5 meds, $10 each) $720 Grocery and dining costs 4 $6385 Total $16,063 Health Management Research Center, University of Michigan, 2001.
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