BasketBall Wives Consultation

BasketBall Wives Consultation from Soluna MD Lipo & Vein Institute on Vimeo.

Reality show veteran Tami Roman had “Smart Lipo” on last week’s episode of “Basketball Wives.” The 39 year old mother of two says she has struggled with body image issues for years and despite eating right and exercising, cannot seem to get her body the way she wants it. For those of you who watched Tami when she was on the Real World nearly 20 years ago, you know that even back then she was taking drastic measures to lose weight. At the tender age of only 21 the 5 feet 9 former beauty queen had her mouth wired shut in order to curb her ability to eat solid foods.

Since allowing her lipo to be featured on “Basketball Wives,” Tami says she has been accused of having self esteem issues. She denies the claim however and insists that her desire for lipo was motivated by her need for “extra help” to achieve her fitness goals.

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