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Smart Liposuction

(SmartLipo Ultra) myriad benefits include

  • Precise body contouring.
  • Firmer, smoother skin.
  • Immediate elimination of unsightly bulk and fat.
  • Permanent destruction of fat cells.
  • Generally no downtime, no scarring,
    minimal-to-no discomfort.
  • Absolutely no scarring.
  • Safer and more affordable than
    traditional liposuction
  • No general anaesthesia, thus eliminating
    associated side effects.

Soluna MD Miami, Florida is nationally recognized as a SmartLipo trainer and has successfully performed more than 3000 SolunaSculpt TM SmartLipo UltraLipo liposuction treatments with 99% patient satisfaction.

Smart Liposuction can help get the figure you have always wanted.

Coupled with fat transfer to other areas of the body, results are no less than spectacular. Dr. John W Chang is liposuction expert and inventor of SmartLipo Ultra. Having performed several thousand liposuction procedures in his career he can do magic with just few hours of work.Read blog posts about this procedure
No fitness can deliver what SmartLipo can!
Discover the secret of thousands of men and women throughout Miami, South Florida and around the world: SolunaSculpt™ Smart Lipo Ultraat Soluna MD Plastic Surgery Center Miami. Smart Lipo Ultra is a revolutionary, minimally invasive Liposuction treatment that does something nofitness routine in the world can do — permanently destroy fat cells. So, you can finally have the body you've always desired.

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