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Next Generation of Microneedling

Soluna MD is pleased to be one of the first in Miami to offer THE VIVACE EXPERIENCE™ for complete skin rejuvenation. This FDA-cleared and newest generation of microneedling adds the power of radio frequency energy effectively providing the vast benefits of microneedling along with the tightening and contouring results of RF energy. The skin on face, neck, hands and body are transformed as collagen production is boosted and fine lines, wrinkles, pores, and acne scars are visibly reduced beginning with just one office visit.

We, like our patients, settle for nothing less than the best when it comes to our appearance and the treatments that help us maintain that appearance. That’s why we chose to offer Vivace’s superior technology.

Why Our Patients Choose Vivace

The Vivace Experience was created with your optimal comfort and satisfactory results in mind, and it’s safe for all skin types. We apply specially compounded numbing cream to ensure a pain-free experience. The treatment session ends with the application of a soothing mask and growth factors serum. Recovery care products are sent home with you to empower the dramatic results seen both immediately and improving over time and with multiple treatments.

Revitalize and improve skin’s tone, texture, scarring and fine lines. With results you can see, you’ll look and feel your best at any age with Vivace at Soluna MD. We invite you to a complimentary consultation at our Coral Gables location today.

I went in for a consultation with and their staffs were very nice and professional. They answered all of my questions and concerns I had about the procedure. I am a female of Middle Eastern descent and I wanted a nose that went well with my other features and doesn’t look over-done. I had the surgery last year, it looks great, I can’t ask for a better looking nose, no one can tell that I had a surgery and my breathing improved a lot too. I highly recommend Soluna MD Lipo and Vein Cosmetic Institute

Source: Google Plus on September 26, 2016



With a numbed face, the treatment feels like little more than light pressure to the face, with an occasional, light sparking feeling.

Our Personalized Compounded Numbing Cream, the best numbing cream available, is applied 30 to 45 minutes prior to the treatment to ensure a comfortable patient experience throughout the treatment. Many testimonials from patients say they found the treatment to be in a range of comfortable to virtually pain-free. The Vivace was designed with patient comfort in mind.

The actual treatment takes about 45 minutes, with an additional 30 to 45 minutes needed for numbing.

Most patients go out hours after the treatment with no makeup at all. To maximize the Vivace treatment during the first four to six hours, use our Soothe Weekly Mask and Soothe Recovery System. We recommend at least six hours before you apply makeup, and you may even wait until the next morning.

Start with the right device, with the right treatment serums with the right recovery system. Follow the recommended recovery protocols once you get home, which include Soothe Weekly Mask, and the Soothe Recovery System that includes a soothing spray, cleanser and balm. Couple this with abstinence from the sun and three to five days off from working out, and you are well on your way to maximizing The Vivace Experience™ for yourself. Multiple treatments are recommended for optimal results.

Most skin colors can be treated, including tanned skin and dark skin.

Everyone is different, but the collagen and elastin you make is your own and continues accelerated production over the next six months as results improve over time.

The clear, microchannels created by The Vivace remain open for a limited time—unique to The Vivace. Physicians may choose to supplement the treatment with serums and recovery protocols that create optimal results and faster recovery. After that time period, our clients are ready for a night out, with very little to no indication of any treatment that day.

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