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Cynosure designates Soluna MD as an official trainer and clinical reference center for Smartlipo. So, why go anywhere else for physician training or to attain this revolutionary, minimally invasive procedure that offers superior body sculpting and skin-tightening results?

CORAL GABLES, Fla., August 19, 2008 – Soluna MD, also known as Soluna Aesthetic Center, was recently designated by Smartlipo manufacturer Cynosure as an official trainer and clinical reference center for Smartlipo physical training programs. Recognized by Cynosure for its superior medical staff headed by John W. Chang MD and representation of the highest standards in the profession, Soluna MD is ideally positioned to steer Cynosure toward its goal of providing, through its selection of top Smartlipo physicians, a world-class training program for its physician clients. “We feel that a partnership with Soluna MD will help us attain our goal,” says Suzanne McWhinney, Cynosure’s director of clinical education.

“This award represents a pivotal and proud moment for us,” says Soluna MD owner Alan Khoriaty, who demonstrates his passion for the industry by investing his time researching the latest procedures and technological advancements in cosmetic surgery. “Receiving this designation demonstrates Cynosure’s trust in our extensive experience in medicine and cosmetic surgery. It is a tremendous honor, and we look forward to passing on our knowledge and expertise in Smartlipo to physicians training with us, as well as to our patients.”

According to Cynosure, Smartlipo is the only laser lipolysis system designed to destroy fat cells and coagulate tissue for tighter skin and is ideal for treating localized fat deposits (smaller areas) on the face and body. The Smartlipo LaserBodySculptingSM has enabled aesthetic surgeons to provide their patients with a much less invasive technique than traditional liposuction methods.

Its benefits, in addition to its stellar results, include gentle elimination of fat cells by laser—not suction—in-office with local anesthesia, resulting in maximum convenience and nominal side effects; unlike conventional liposuction, with Smartlipo bruising, swelling and pain is significantly reduced. As well, Smartlipo is revered for tightening surrounding skin, promoting collagen growth and requires only one treatment, with results being seen in one week and continued improvement over three to six months.

Smartlipo obtained U.S. Food and Drug Administration clearance in the fourth quarter of 2006, and has since acquired numerous accolades worldwide from doctors specializing in cosmetic surgery; Smartlipo recipients; and leading publications and programs, such as New Beauty, ABC’s “Good Morning America,” and Lifetime’s “The Balancing Act.” Smartlipo is redefining how people view themselves and providing those seeking to improve their body image with a successful, minimally invasive, convenient option to achieve this.

Smartlipo is an ideal procedure for those who wish to dissolve stubborn excess fat, regain a fresh, youthful appearance and rediscover their beauty. Soluna MD is the leading aesthetic and laser center in Florida for those interested in the Smartlipo procedure and for physicians seeking an expert education in Smartlipo. As an official trainer and clinical reference center for Smartlipo physical training programs, Soluna MD brings to its patients and doctors unparalleled qualifications, specialization and passion that positions it high above other cosmetic surgery centers.

Soluna MD is your singular destination for all of your beauty enhancement and skin rejuvenation needs, specializing in Smartlipo (Laser Lipo), Lipo-Dissolve, LipoSelection (Vaser), Permalift (Nonsurgical face-lift), spider vein and varicose vein treatments and much more, including facials, depigmentation treatments and Botox. The 1,700-square-foot facility houses four treatment rooms as well as relaxation, reception and consultation areas. Treatments follow a customized plan of action mapped out by clinicians working closely with guests in unrushed consultations.

Soluna MD is located at 4251 Salzedo Street, directly across from the Village of Merrick Park’s popular restaurant Il Villaggio. To learn more about Soluna MD’s services or to make an appointment, please call 305.446.0440

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