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What is Smart Lipo Ultra?

Smart Lipo Ultra is a procedure developed by the Doctors at Soluna to removeunwanted fat. Utilizing the latest advancements in ultrasound and laser technology we are able to remove fat safely from virtually any area of the body.

Smartlipo Ultra at Soluna Miami is a unique procedure providing a greater degree of safety, comfort, and efficacy than was previously possible utilizing traditional surgical means of fat removal.

The Smartlipo Ultra Advantage

Unlike other medical offices providing outdated surgical removal of unwanted fat, General Anesthesia is never utilized at Soluna. We have the expertise to perform the entire procedure under local anesthesia. Patients are given a mild sedative and are comfortable and relaxed through-out the procedure.

The use of local anesthesia enables our doctors to perform a more thorough and effective procedure. The patient is comfortable yet able to provide the doctor with important feedback on sensation and warmth in the treatment areas. This allows for removal of significantly more fat than with other techniques.

Patients who undergo Smartlipo Ultra at Soluna MD Miami for fat removal are significantly more comfortable throughout the treatment process. Patient feedback virtually eliminates the risk of internal burning associated with the use of general anesthesia. Patients who undergo the Smartlipo Ultra procedure require no post procedure pain medications. Patients do not require extended recovery or overnight admission.

The doctors at Soluna specialize exclusively in minimally-invasive, non-surgical procedures to enhance your appearance and the health of your skin. Because this is all we do we have developed considerably more expertise than other facilities attempting to offer similar services. Simply put, our physicians are more experienced, our techniques are the most advanced, and our results are superior.

At Soluna MD we believe each patient deserves a unique and individualized treatment. Our physicians spend considerable time with patients before and after their treatments. The physician who performs you’re lipolysis procedure will meet with you for an extensive consultation prior to the procedure. After the procedure our physicians will personally see you for follow up. Patients are given their physicians cell phone and are encouraged to call anytime with questions.

Book a free Liposuction, Smart Lipo, Laser lipo today and see what Soluna MD can do for your Cosmetic Surgery needs. Looking beautiful is now within a your reach.

I went in for a consultation with and their staffs were very nice and professional. They answered all of my questions and concerns I had about the procedure. I am a female of Middle Eastern descent and I wanted a nose that went well with my other features and doesn’t look over-done. I had the surgery last year, it looks great, I can’t ask for a better looking nose, no one can tell that I had a surgery and my breathing improved a lot too. I highly recommend Soluna MD Lipo and Vein Cosmetic Institute

Source: Google Plus on September 26, 2016

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