Laser Face Sculpting

Look Smart with SmartLook

Using Smartlipo™ you can achieve Laser-Fast Sculpting and tightening* of the face

You will have tighter, firmer, smoother skin* with less risk and recovery time yet more natural looking results than a facelift.

SmartLook, the New Laser-Assisted Facial Treatment

  • Laser facial sculpting without the downtime or downsides of a facelift
  • More permanency than most injectibles with less invasiveness of a facelift
  • A broader client demographic in age and service interest
  • 2 days versus 5-7 days of average recovery time from a facelift

Soluna MD Offer Patients a Smoother, Tighter* Look…Without the Downtime or Downsides of a Facelift.
Face it. Cosmetic surgeries are down. Lasers are up. And minimally invasive treatments are in. With SmartLook from Smartlipo, the latest in anti-aging laser technology from Cynosure, Soluna MD cosmetic surgeon can perform Laser Face Sculpting in 60 minutes or less.

Target and tighten neck, jowls and nasolabial folds* with Cynosure’s breakthrough subdermal laser treatment. Using a small cannula and 1064-nm Nd: YAG fiber, this high-peak powered laser coagulates tissue and stimulates collagen production from underneath the skin – where the laser is most effective.


I went in for a consultation with and their staffs were very nice and professional. They answered all of my questions and concerns I had about the procedure. I am a female of Middle Eastern descent and I wanted a nose that went well with my other features and doesn’t look over-done. I had the surgery last year, it looks great, I can’t ask for a better looking nose, no one can tell that I had a surgery and my breathing improved a lot too. I highly recommend Soluna MD Lipo and Vein Cosmetic Institute

Source: Google Plus on September 26, 2016

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