Insurance for Varicose Veins

If you have avoided getting treatment for fear of cost, you don’t need to worry. When performed for medical reasons, varicose vein treatment is covered by many insurance companies — like BlueCross BlueShied, Cigna, Aetna, United Healthcare and even Medicare. The removal of spider veins, usually done for cosmetic reasons, is not generally covered by insurance, however if they are resulting from an underlying vein disease, some insurance carriers will cover treatment.


Most carriers (including Medicare) provide coverage for the VenaCure EVLT™ procedure. We have included a list of payers who have a written coverage policy for the VenaCure EVLT procedure. In the event that your carrier is not on this list, you may find it helpful to contact your carrier’s customer service representative. S/he may be able to answer this question for you. If a written request is needed, AngioDynamics (parent company of VenaCure EVLT products) will provide an introductory letter for this purpose. One of our goals at AngioDynamics is to assist patients in obtaining coverage for the VenaCure EVLT procedure for resolution of venous reflux disease. Coverage for the VenaCure EVLT procedure is subject to the terms of your coverage policy. Co-payments and deductibles may be applied.


Will insurance cover the VenaCure EVLT procedure for everyone?
Carriers will cover the VenaCure EVLT procedure when medically necessary. Generally, patients have demonstrated symptomatic venous reflux disease with pain, swelling, leg cramps, ulcers, and bleeding from varicosities. Presence of reflux can be detected on the ultrasound scan that will be performed at Soluna MD prior to treatment.

If I have symptoms of venous reflux disease, are there any other criteria that must be satisfied before I can get coverage?
The Medical staff at Soluna MD can contact your insurance carrier directly and confirm any specific requirements. In some cases, carriers may require a period (3-6 months) of conservative therapy (compression, elevation of legs, possibly weight loss) before providing coverage for the VenaCure EVLT procedure.

Will insurance cover the cost of the ultrasound?
Subject to any copays or coinsurance, most carriers will cover the costs of the ultrasound.

Will Soluna MD bill my insurance company directly?
Yes. Soluna MD will collect the copay or coinsurance at the time of your appointment. We will then bill your insurance company directly

Is sclerotherapy covered by insurance?
Generally, if the veins are cosmetic in nature and not related to venous reflux disease, sclerotherapy treatments are not covered by insurance. However, some spider veins are symptomatic of varicose veins. Soluna MD will perform an ultrasound prior to treatment to determine if the veins are associated with an underlying varicosity. However, the sclerotherapy treatment is generally affordable for most patients.

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