Face can “turn back time” by adjusting the fat, muscle and skin on your face to create a smoother and more youthful appearance. For best results face lift surgery is often performed alongside eyelid surgery or a neck lift. Because the face is a strong indicator of a person’s age, many men and women consider visiting a face lift surgeon to remove wrinkles around the eyes, nose

Laser Face Sculpting

Look Smart with SmartLook Using Smartlipo™ you can achieve Laser-Fast Sculpting and tightening* of the face You will have tighter, firmer, smoother skin* with less risk and recovery time yet more natural looking results than a facelift. SmartLook, the New Laser-Assisted Facial Treatment Laser facial sculpting without the downtime or downsides of a facelift More permanency than most injectibles with less invasiveness of a facelift A broader client demographic in age and service interest 2 days versus 5-7 days of average recovery time from a facelift

Lip Augmentation

Lip AugmentationLip Augmentation is One of the first indicators of aging can be seen in the eyes. As you age, your eyelids begin to droop, making you appear tired and older than you probably are. If it progresses far enough, drooping eyelids can even impair your vision.