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Miami’s Soluna MD, a National and International Destination for Laser Lipo and Body Sculpting, Reaches Milestone, Leads in Patient Care and Trust

Miami’s Soluna MD, a National and International Destination for Laser Lipo and Body Sculpting, Reaches Milestone, Leads in Patient Care and Trust
Soluna MD achieves a record number of Laser Lipo procedures performed, with more than 2000 procedures completed successfully by John W. Chang, MD, and is recognized as a leading destination for people in the U.S. and Latin America seeking Laser Lipo. At Soluna MD, superior quality, service and safety are its highest priorities and after-care is never an after-thought.

Miami, FL (PRWEB) January 14, 2010 – Miami’s Soluna MD, led by cosmetic and general surgeon John W. Chang, MD, and a partner of Universal Healthcare Consulting, a comprehensive risk management and compliance firm that oversees all aspects of a surgical practice, has achieved a record number of Laser Lipo procedures performed; Over the past two years, Chang has successfully completed more than 2100 Laser Lipo Body Sculpting procedures. Known as Soluna Sculpt, this Laser Lipo procedure is significantly safer than traditional liposuction. The quality, service and safety provided by Soluna MD’s highly qualified medical team and administrative staff, combined with Soluna MD’s exceptional after-care, has made it one of the leading national and international destinations for people seeking Laser Lipo and other body-sculpting procedures.

“At Soluna MD, quality, service and safety are our highest priorities,” says Chang. “Equally important is the personal care we extend to our patients. From the minute they walk into the center, they are in our hands, and it is our duty to listen to their wants and concerns, provide honest, expert advice and see them through the entire process – pre- and post-procedure. However, our patient care doesn’t end there; the Soluna team is always accessible to our patients, long after their procedure has been completed. When they leave our center, they know they have been extremely cared for by the finest professionals in an optimum environment.”

Building on its commitment to care, Soluna MD introduces a new weight-management and wellness program – Soluna Slim MD — in response to the rising obesity epidemic and Soluna MD’s concern for the overall health of its patients. This comprehensive, medically supervised weight management and wellness program will help its patients meet their weight-loss goals, while improving their health and how they feel. Through ongoing support, motivation, FDA-approved prescription medications, injections and supplements recommended by the program physician, patients can anticipate many benefits, including a decrease in blood pressure, cholesterol and blood glucose, as well as increased energy and improved self-esteem.

With its multitude of programs and procedures in place and proven successes on many levels, Soluna MD now extends its expertise to qualified physician-investors through a turnkey licensing opportunity — the Soluna MD Development Program. Conceptualized by a team of medical doctors and dedicated industry specialists, Soluna MD has constructed an uncomplicated and streamlined model for a legal, compliant and progressive medical business. Through this full-service licensing program, the guesswork is taken out of the equation, enabling qualified physician-investors to confidently open a new business and know that they’re not in it alone. Once again, Soluna MD demonstrates care.

Soluna MD is your singular destination for Soluna Sculpt, Soluna Slim MD and the Soluna MD Development Program, as well as a multitude of additional body contouring programs and procedures. For more information, please call 305.446.0440 or visit or

Soluna MD is located at 4251 Salzedo St. at The Village of Merrick Park in Coral Gables, FL.

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