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Soluna MD’s superior quality, service and safety are its highest priorities. And though all of Soluna MD’s minimally invasive cosmetic procedures are deemed extremely safe and performed by cosmetic and general surgeon John W. Chang, MD, the center continuously takes precautions that are necessary and far exceed the standard. To ensure proper protocol, compliance and risk management are in place, Soluna MD looks to its partner, Universal Healthcare Consulting, for expert guidance, checks and balances.

Miami, Fla. (PRWEB) October 1, 2009 – Miami’s Soluna MD, led by cosmetic and general surgeon John W. Chang, MD is a leading center for Smartlipo Ultra Body Sculpting (laser lipolysis combined with ultrasound) and an official training and clinical reference center for Cynosure’s Smartlipo physician training programs; it is recognized as one of Florida’s most reputable, minimally invasive cosmetic surgery facilities. Because quality, service and safety are its highest priorities, Soluna MD partnered with Universal Healthcare Consulting (, a comprehensive risk management and compliance firm that oversees all aspects of a surgical practice.

“Soluna MD requested Universal Healthcare Consulting be its partner, for it is dedicated to having all procedures performed in an optimally safe environment,” says Rick Conn, president of Universal Healthcare Consulting. “Think of Universal Healthcare Consulting as the watchdog of rules and regulations; we make sure the center understands the rules and regulations and doesn’t go outside of them. Soluna MD was proactive and came to us. In our opinion, the center is head and shoulders above other minimally invasive cosmetic surgery centers.”

“We brought Universal Healthcare Consulting onboard to ensure our patients’ safety and guarantee that we are doing things properly,” adds Linda Alamo, operations manager of Soluna MD. “The partnership has been, hands down, one of our best decisions.”

Through policy implementation, program monitoring and regular reporting, Universal Healthcare Consulting offers a range of medical risk management services and programs designed to ensure its clients meet all state and federal medical compliance regulations. The compliance services and programs provided by Universal Healthcare Consulting to Soluna MD include: quality assurance, infection control and sterilization; HIPAA, OSHA, documentation, policies and procedures; and adverse incident reporting and occurrence reporting.

From start-up requirements like licensing and accreditation for new surgery centers to ongoing reviews of compliance strategies, policies and procedures, Universal Healthcare Consulting understands the requirements of each regulatory board and provides the tools, support and expertise required to gain deficiency-free accreditation.

“All Universal Healthcare Consulting clients — Soluna MD being one of them — are continually kept abreast of the latest changes to rules and regulations that are enacted to insure the safety of the patient,” says Conn. “Soluna MD welcomes and embraces these changes as they have one single focus, the health and welfare of their patients.”

Reinforcing Soluna MD’s commitment to excellence is its team of medical professionals led by John W. Chang, MD, a cosmetic and general surgeon certified in Smartlipo and ultrasound liposuction with more than 2000 procedures completed successfully.

“Smartlipo Ultra, also known as laser lipo combined with ultrasound, is a procedure we do almost every day,” says Chang. “This is what we specialize in. We know the procedure inside and out and always provide our patients with an honest assessment of what they can expect in their results. Everything comes and goes through me, and as a surgeon, it’s up to my good judgment to determine how far we can go. I know how the body can respond to the procedures and what things we should look for. Therefore, I’m more conservative than aggressive and am always prepared. At Soluna MD, achieving excellent results never comes at the cost of safety.”

About Soluna MD

Soluna MD is your singular destination for all of your body contouring, body sculpting, beauty enhancement and skin rejuvenation needs, specializing in Permalift™ (nonsurgical face-lift) and Smartlipo Ultra (laser lipolysis with ultrasound). The 1,700-square-foot facility houses four treatment rooms as well as relaxation, reception and consultation areas.

Soluna MD is located at 4251 Salzedo St. at the Village of Merrick Park. To learn more about Soluna MD’s services or to make an appointment, please call 305.446.0440 or go online at

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