Lose weight fast. Lose weight safely

SolunaSlim MD Medical Weight Loss and Management is a well-rounded approach that encompasses all aspects of a healthy lifestyle including physical activity, healthy diet and weight loss counseling – but our program goes one step further and incorporates medicine into the weight loss solution.
Right from the start, you will develop a personal relationship with our physician and weight loss counselors. And, because we provide a comprehensive medical exam from the beginning, our doctor can accurately predict the amount of weight you can conceivably lose and the length of time it may take. We will also continually monitor your weight loss to determine whether you’re losing weight from fat, water or muscle. With this precision information, our physicians and weight loss counselors can make adjustments as necessary to accommodate your dietary needs and activity levels. Unlike many web-centered, group-focused or food-based programs, you’ll gain personalized insight and valuable health education to help you achieve and maintain your desired results for life.

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